21/22 Secondary Design and Technology Network

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Design and Technology

Event Details

Start Date and Time Thursday 7 July 1:30 pm
End Date and Time Thursday 7 July 4:00 pm
Andy Mitchell
Location University Centre Shrewsbury
Parking YesChargable

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Please note:

The default delivery will remain as remote delivery via Microsoft Teams administered by CPD@UCS. This is reflected in the content/ timings as stated. Should Government policy/University of Chester policy change we will revert to face2face delivery if/ when appropriate. 

These meetings are for all D&T teachers, particularly those who hold a responsibility for an area of the subject or who are Subject Leaders. Multiple representatives from a school are welcome. Each meeting includes a national update provided by the D&T Association, with the remainder of the agenda items being determined by current events, concerns or priorities eg assessment of NEA, H&S issues, changes to qualifications and development of subject knowledge. Attendees are encouraged to suggest agenda items in advance so that the meetings can also address individual or a specific school’s needs. 

The benefit of a group of local teachers coming together and sharing ideas, resources and techniques is huge, which is why these meetings have become increasingly valued. Often as a consequence, other interactions are planned subsequently, with for example, attendees making arrangements to visit each other’s schools.


Schools will: 

Be brought up to date with any recent or impending changes in legislation that has bearing on D&T

Develop individual links with other D&T teachers in the LA

Hear about opportunities for subject specific professional development

Share solutions to addressing a wide range of challenges commonly experienced in D&T departments

Learn about ways other schools address issues such as curriculum planning, assessment and organising examination courses.

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