21/22 Simple Story Shapes

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Early Years



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Start Date and Time Monday 20 June 9:30 am
End Date and Time Monday 20 June 11:00 am
Mythstories Museum of Myth and Fable
Location Online Event
Parking No

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Subscriber Cost 40.00
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Please note:

The default delivery will remain as remote delivery via Microsoft Teams administered by CPD@UCS. This is reflected in the content/ timings as stated. Should Government policy/University of Chester policy change we will revert to ‘face2face’ delivery if/ when appropriate. 

An active participatory session for staff working in Early Years Settings.

Ideal for two members of staff to learn together. 

·         an exploration of telling stories that go ‘there and back’ or ‘round and round’ 

·         ideas for quick and simple-to-make objects that young pupils can make on their own or in a group which they can use to reinforce, visualise and remember the ‘shape’ of the tale 

·         how to work with pictures, sound and movement to encourage pupils to tell the tale their own way 

·         experiment with the interactive and spontaneous elements of storytelling


Schools will: 

·         become confident, fluent speakers able to present their own work effectively

·         work in groups, listen and co-operate 

·         identify, remember and use spoken word patterns 

·         improve listening comprehension skills and help to close the ‘word-gap.’

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