22/23 Making it stick

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Event Details

Start Date and Time Thursday 24 November 1:00 pm
End Date and Time Thursday 24 November 3:00 pm
Eleanor Atkinson
Location Online Event
Parking No

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Subscriber Cost 50.00
PAYG Credit Cost 1.50
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Intended for primary school teachers (KS1/LKS2/UKS2) and Primary Science Leaders (no accreditation) covering:

  • Working memory and how it affects what and how we should teach science
  • Strategies to teach technical and scientific vocabulary
  • Fun ways to record learning


Ofsted advises that teaching in a high-quality curriculum takes account of the limited working memory capacity of pupils when planning lessons.

It also states pupils should not be expected to arrive at scientific explanations by themselves without sufficient prior knowledge. 

This session looks at strategies to help children maximise their understanding and use of correct scientific vocabulary.

It also gives advice on how they can best record their learning in science to help ensure they are truly working scientifically.


Class teachers will:

  • Understand scientific pedagogy and current understanding of what is considered best practice.
  • Know and use a range of strategies to help pupils to know and remember scientific vocabulary
  • Consider the National Curriculum expectations for recording pupil learning in science.
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