22/23 Understanding school data for governors

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Event Details

Start Date and Time Wednesday 28 June 5:30 pm
End Date and Time Wednesday 28 June 7:00 pm
Steve Compton
Location Online Event
Parking No

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Subscriber Credit Cost 1.00
Subscriber Cost 50.00
PAYG Credit Cost 1.50
PAYG Cost 70.00


The session will take you through the main aspects of published school data, helping you to understand and analyse the data presented. Governors will need to get access to their schools ASP and IDSR reports (most recent) and will be sent in advance of the meeting an ASP key question template. 


To develop governors:

  • knowledge of the data available to them from Analyse School Performance (ASP), and Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR) 
  • understanding of some of the key terms and concepts used in ASP and IDSR
  • skills in the interpretation of key data
  • awareness of how ASP and IDSR can be used to ask challenging questions about the performance of their school
  • understanding of the contribution of ASP and IDSR to school self-evaluation and school improvement
  • understanding of the proper use of ASP and IDSR by governors and the protocols that they should follow
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