21/22 Positive relationships, behaviour and personal development (featuring Paul Dix)

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Cross Phase


Leadership and Management

Event Details

Start Date and Time Friday 24 June 8:45 am
End Date and Time Friday 24 June 12:30 pm
Steve Compton
Location Shrewsbury Town Football Club
Parking YesFree

Event Prices

Subscriber Credit Cost 1.50
Subscriber Cost 60.00
PAYG Credit Cost 1.50
PAYG Cost 60.00


A fantastic opportunity for school leaders, governors and staff of all Shropshire Schools to attend a face to face event, network with colleagues and hear and explore approaches to positive classroom behaviour.

Paul Dix (author of ‘When the adults change, everything changes’ and ‘After the adults change: achievable behaviour nirvana’) will be presenting a live streamed keynote.

Paul’s live stream will be supplemented by:

  • experiences of Shropshire schools
  • discussion of Paul’s approach and other behaviour approaches
  • discussion of the Ofsted areas on Behaviour and attitudes/Personal development.


Schools will:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of different approaches to behaviour
  • Reflect of their own school’s approach to behaviour
  • Understand how different schools have successfully implemented new approaches to behaviour
  • Consider the Ofsted framework areas of Behaviour and attitudes/Personal development
  • Have the opportunity to network with colleagues and share experiences
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