22/23 Early Years and Childcare Provider Network


Early Years


Early Years

Event Details

Start Date and Time Wednesday 10 May 11:00 am
End Date and Time Wednesday 10 May 12:00 pm
Neville Ward
Location Online Event
Parking No

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A networking event for owners, managers and practitioners in early years and childcare settings. The meetings will aim to bring you all up to date with the latest developments and initiatives affecting the sector and allow an opportunity for you to feedback to us on the issues affecting you in your day to day work and what support you would welcome. The networks will be led by the team from Shirehall but will regularly involve other professionals whose work impacts on the sector. 


Those attending will:

  • Receive updates on the latest developments in the sector
  • Have the chance to ask questions and raise issues which are affecting them
  • Help to shape the future service delivery form the local authority and our partners