22/23 Attachment Level 1 - An introduction to Understanding and Supporting Children and Young People who may have Attachment and Emotional Difficulties

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Education Psychology Service
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Start Date and Time Tuesday 9 May 9:30 am
End Date and Time Tuesday 9 May 12:30 pm
Dr Amalia Dirnu
Location Online Event
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This training will provide delegates with an understanding of the theory and neuroscience behind early child development and the importance of nurture on the developing brain.

It focuses on how to support teachers and key adults to interpret and understand the children and young people‚Äôs behaviours through an early developmental lens and explore strategies to support the pupils they work with. 

The aim of the session will be to empower school staff to feel able to support these pupils through the power of relationships and providing a safe and secure place for these children and young people to be educated.


Schools will:

  • Develop an understanding of the theory of attachment
  • Develop an insight into the impact early developmental experiences can have on the developing brain
  • Develop an alternative way in which to interpret and understand behaviour
  • Develop knowledge as to strategies to support young people who may possess attachment difficulties
  • Begin to consider the behaviour of pupils within school through the attachment lens
  • Begin to identify appropriate strategies to meet the identified needs
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