22/23 Assessment in Primary Science

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Start Date and Time Thursday 3 November 1:00 pm
End Date and Time Thursday 3 November 4:00 pm
Eleanor Atkinson
Location Online Event
Parking No

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Subscriber Cost 64.00
PAYG Credit Cost 2.00
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How do we ensure that all children (and teachers) are secure in their knowledge and understanding of the big ideas in science? 


This full day course examines the most effective strategies for assessment of children’s attainment in science. 

A variety of ideas and activities will be experienced to show that assessment of progress is all part of teaching and learning in science. Current best practice of assessment strategies will be explored along with identifying common misconceptions and how to plan for effective assessment and recording opportunities. 


To describe current theory and practice in assessment of primary science

To explain the age-related expectations for children at different phases in learning primary science

To be able to plan a range of assessment opportunities to identify children's learning progress

To leave with a host of practical ideas and activities to the current national curriculum for primary science. 

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