22/23 Emotionally Based School Avoidance (EBSA) Workshop

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Education Psychology Service

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Start Date and Time Thursday 4 May 9:15 am
End Date and Time Thursday 4 May 12:30 pm
Steve Laycock
Location University Centre Shrewsbury
Parking YesChargable

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The EBSA Workshop builds on from the EBSA Awareness session; it is practice focused and identifies key principles for those working with children and young people with EBSA and works through the EBSA Assess, plan do review process. 

There are many challenges involved in working with children and young people with EBSA, not least the mental health and school attendance components plus the importance of person-centred work and parent/carer perspectives, to name a few!

This workshop offers a supportive, practical and systematic way for school staff to understand and begin to navigate this territory.


Course outcomes are that delegates will: 

  • have knowledge of key principles for working with C/YP with EBSA
  • will understand the EBSA assess plan, do review cycle
  • will have practical skills and knowledge of tools for assessing EBSA
  • will know how to develop a collaborative plan
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