22/23 Retrieval Practice with Kate Jones

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Event Details

Start Date and Time Tuesday 16 May 3:30 pm
End Date and Time Tuesday 16 May 5:00 pm
Kate Jones
Location Online Event
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Retrieval practice in schools twilight session Tuesday 16th May 2023 from 3.30 pm - 5.00 pm 

A fantastic opportunity for all school staff to attend an online event to hear and explore approaches to retrieval practice. 

Delivery of a good curriculum to allow pupils to retain and recall information requires effective retrieval practice.  We are challenged to ensure that pupils know more and remember more.

Kate Jones is the author of a number of books including ‘Retrieval Practice Primary: A guide for teachers and leaders’

Kate’s keynote speech will  focus on sharing evidence and practical strategies for retrieval practice across the curriculum.  

This session could be a perfect staff meeting. 

The session is aimed at curriculum leaders, teachers and senior leaders. The session will be suitable for primary and secondary schools.


Schools will:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of retrieval practice
  • Reflect on their own school’s approach 
  • Understand how different schools have successfully implemented retrieval practice
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