23/24 EPS - No Worries (Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) {2 sessions 19.02.24 half day and 26.02.24 full day}

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Education Psychology Service

Event Details

Start Date and Time Monday 19 February 9:30 am
End Date and Time Monday 19 February 12:30 pm
Sheri Wright
Kim Jeffries
Location University Centre Shrewsbury
Parking YesChargable

Event Prices

Subscriber Credit Cost 6.00
Subscriber Cost 252.00
PAYG Credit Cost 6.00
PAYG Cost 252.00


Please note:

This event is scheduled face to face with the venue being University Centre Shrewsbury. 

No Worries is a practical resource to reduce anxiety in children aged between 7-12 years (Primary) and 11-adulthood (Secondary). 

The programme uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)and consists of 1½ days training delivered by the Shropshire Council Educational Psychology Service, together with an accompanying manual and CD.

The training will prepare delegates to run groups for between 6-8 young people, covering:

 ï‚· Establishing the group.

ï‚· Signs and signals.

ï‚· Relaxation.

ï‚· Helpful versus unhelpful thoughts.

ï‚· Challenging unhelpful thoughts.

ï‚· Achieving your goal.

ï‚· Planning for success.

ï‚· You are not on your own.

This practical resource is designed to provide fun and experiential learning, giving young people skills they can use throughout their lives. Suitable for teachers, TAs ELSAs, Youth workers, Family Support workers etc.


chools will:

  • Have an understanding of basic CBT techniques
  • Understand the physiological impact of anxiety on the body
  • Understand the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviour
  • Be able to help children provide alternative evidence for unhelpful thinking
  • Be able to run interventions to reduce anxiety
  • Be able to effectively evaluate the impact of the intervention
  • Add to a county/national database on impact of the intervention

This course consists of 2 sessions. 19.02.24 (half day) and 26.02.24 (full day)

The payment of £240 covers both sessions.

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