23/24 Secondary Design and Technology Network

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Design and Technology

Event Details

Start Date and Time Thursday 4 July 1:30 pm
End Date and Time Thursday 4 July 4:00 pm
Andy Mitchell
Location University Centre Shrewsbury
Parking YesChargable

Event Prices

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PAYG Credit Cost 2.00
PAYG Cost 105.00


  • These termly events provide a point of reference for all teachers of D&T and in particular, those holding posts of responsibility. They are led by Andy Mitchell who has substantial experience of leading and providing support to the subject community nationally and internationally and continues to remain involved with it. 

Each meeting provides: 

1.   A national update including news from the D&T Association

2.   An opportunity to share news and experience on a local basis

3.   The chance to compare notes on public examination and assessment procedures and policy

4.   The exchange of ideas relating to good practice D&T in schools eg Health and Safety, pupil activity, resource suppliers, CPD etc 

The Spring and Summer term meetings, being longer and face to face, also offer the opportunity for teachers to show and handle examples of their resources and/or student work.


Schools will:

·       Have had the opportunity to meet with colleagues in neighbouring schools

·       Shared examples of good practice

·       Been informed of current developments and opportunities in the subject

·       Have sought clarification and or advice from colleagues regarding issues impacting D&T in their school.

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