23/24 Autism Education Trust : 2 modules 1: Autism & Inclusion 2: Understanding Anxiety

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Cross Phase
Early Years



Event Details

Start Date and Time Friday 12 July 9:30 am
End Date and Time Friday 12 July 4:30 pm
Judith Pilkington
Ali Bellaby
Location University Centre Shrewsbury
Parking YesChargable

Event Prices

Subscriber Credit Cost 3.00
Subscriber Cost 136.00
PAYG Credit Cost 4.00
PAYG Cost 210.00
EYFS Cost 35.00


This course is suitable for:

SENCo’s, teachers, key workers, SEN teaching assistants

Understanding Anxiety

After completing this module, you will be able to understand:

  • How autistic CYP might express anxiety.
  • What can cause anxiety in autistic CYP.
  • What you can do to prevent and reduce anxiety in autistic CYP.


Autism & Inclusion

The aim of this module is to enable delegates to:

  • Understand the legal context of autism and exclusion
  • Understand the risk of illegal exclusion and how to avoid it occurring
  • Better understand the triggers and ways of managing distressed behaviours



Schools will:

Understanding Anxiety

After completing ‘Autism and anxiety’, participants will be able:

  • To have greater knowledge about how prevalent and impactful anxiety can be on autistic CYP
  • To learn that anxiety can be transactional and we all have a role in reducing anxiety in school
  • To understand that there is a toolbox of approaches that can be used to reduce anxiety and the first step is to learn about the individual's triggers and preferred means of support
  • To understand that by reducing anxiety we can significantly improve a CYP's ability to engage with school life and their peers, as well as improve general well-being.

   Autism and inclusion

After completing this module delegates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate better knowledge of what is expected of settings in terms of the rights of CYP and families in relation to exclusion
  • See the exclusion experience through the eyes of the autistic CYP
  • Consider how they can make reasonable adjustments to reduce the risk of exclusion occurring
  • Understand how exclusion can significantly negatively impact an autistic child and young person’s experiences and outcomes
  • Recognise how the whole setting has a role to play in helping autistic pupils avoid exclusion
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