23/24 Assessing and Monitoring of Progress in EAL

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Cross Phase
Early Years


EAL Equality and Diversity

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Start Date and Time Wednesday 4 October 1:15 pm
End Date and Time Wednesday 4 October 3:30 pm
Qamar Maqsood
Kirsty Holden
Location Online Event
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This course will explore how schools can a) establish a robust baseline assessment of EAL learners' English language skills on first arrival, identify appropriate targets and next steps, and track progress against expected rates of language development b) Use a variety of EAL Assessment Frameworks to show evidence of progress, particularly for those pupils without prior attainment data and those working well below age-related expectations and c) integrate EAL assessment and monitoring into schools' existing systems. There will be an opportunity to use case study material for moderation. 


Delegates will be able to:  a) track pupil progress in English language development b) set targets c) show progress and identify areas of concern.
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