23/24 Developing the Role of the EAL Coordinator

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Cross Phase
Early Years


EAL Equality and Diversity

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Start Date and Time Thursday 16 November 1:15 pm
End Date and Time Thursday 16 November 3:30 pm
Qamar Maqsood
Kirsty Holden
Location Online Event
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As the proportion of EAL pupils in schools grows, the role of overseeing EAL is becoming an area of specialist responsibility in increasing numbers of schools. This course will cover the role of the EAL Co-ordinator in developing systems and maintaining appropriate provision for EAL pupils across the school, including best practice in: a) appropriate induction of new arrivals b) Assessment and monitoring systems; c) recording and sharing information d) developing an EAL policy; e) planning support and intervention programmes f) processes to improve communication with parents/ carers.  It will also signpost to sources of further information, training and support


Delegates will gain an overview of best practice in EAL provision and be able to take a leading role in the development of EAL provision across their school
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