23/24 Preventing and Dealing with Racist Bullying

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Cross Phase
Early Years


EAL Equality and Diversity

Event Details

Start Date and Time Wednesday 6 December 1:00 pm
End Date and Time Wednesday 6 December 3:45 pm
Qamar Maqsood
Kirsty Holden
Location Online Event
Parking No

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The session will provide an opportunity for participants to: a) understand the statutory duties of schools in this area in the light of current legislation b) develop confidence in the identification of racist incidents  c) consider best practice in preventing and responding to incidents for the most positive outcomes d)review the process of recording and reporting internally, and to the Local Authority


Delegates will be able to:  a)recognise racist incidents b) meet statutory requirements c) implement strategies to minimise racist incidents and redress the damage caused by them d) explore strategies to prevent racist incidents and bullying
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