23/24 Understanding Secondary school data for Governors

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Event Details

Start Date and Time Thursday 1 February 5:30 pm
End Date and Time Thursday 1 February 7:00 pm
Louise Blackburn
Location Online Event
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PAYG Credit Cost 1.50
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The training session will provide those responsible for governance with an overview of external assessment points, accountability measures and their representation in the Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR). 

Delegates will also be guided on how internal assessment data provide indicators towards these external assessment points, how this links to school improvement processes and what those responsible for governance can do to support and challenge their school. 

Other forms of data (e.g. attendance, behaviour) will also be discussed.  

Comments from previous delegates:

  • "This course really helped me to understand the data and how the figures are arrived at, as well as explanations of all the terminology in use currently. A really excellent course"
  • What was the most useful part of the course: "In depth explanation of the data that is available to me as a Governor and the ways I should be able to access it"


Delegates will gain:

  • knowledge of the data available to them from their Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR)
  • an understanding of some of the key terms and concepts used in the IDSR.
  • an awareness of how the IDSR can be used to ask appropriately challenging questions about the performance of their school
  • an understanding of the contribution of the IDSR and internal assessment data to school self-evaluation and school improvement
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