23/24 Reading for Pleasure - Establishing a Strong Reading Culture, with keynote speaker John Murray

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Leadership and Management

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Start Date and Time Friday 1 March 9:15 am
End Date and Time Friday 1 March 12:00 pm
John Murray
Location University Centre Shrewsbury
Parking YesChargable

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If we want children to talk enthusiastically about books, we too must talk enthusiastically about books. This is the role and the responsibility of the adult reader.

The session will consider why Reading for Pleasure is so important and discuss how your school can establish a strong Reading Culture, a culture that reaches beyond the confines of individual classrooms. It will also discuss what it means to a real reader and the important role we have to play when encouraging learners to read with genuine enthusiasm and joy.

The session will feature a keynote by John Murray. This will be followed by a session from a Shropshire school outlining their approach to reading.


More about John Murray

John Murray is a recognised specialist in developing children’s reading and reading comprehension. He is the creator of Reading Explorers, Top Class Comprehension and Reading Rocketeers.  His seminars and CPD training focus on the teaching, learning and enjoyment of reading. An independent Literacy consultant, he supports schools to improve their performance and secure best practice. Above all, it is to ignite within us a passion for books and a genuine love for the written word. For more information about John’s resources and training, visit his website: www.johnmurraycpd.co.uk


  • Explore of reading for pleasure and reading culture
  • Develop an awareness of national and local approaches to reading
  • Understand resources and approaches to develop reading culture
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