23/24 EAL and Maths (Delivery Partner: T&W Multicultural Development Team)

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EAL Equality and Diversity

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Start Date and Time Wednesday 6 March 1:15 pm
End Date and Time Wednesday 6 March 3:30 pm
Qamar Maqsood
Kirsty Holden
Location Online Event
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This course will: a) provide delegates with skills to identify the mathematical challenges faced by EAL pupils; b) explore the specific features of maths vocabulary and language structures which pupils need to understand in order to access maths problems; c) include a range of strategies and activities that supports pupils’ understanding of maths word problems


Delegates will:  a) improve their understanding of the language development needs of EAL learners in mathematics b) explore effective ways to support EAL learners and promote their access to the mathematics curriculum c) gain a greater awareness of useful resources for EAL learners of mathematics
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