23/24 Narrowing the Gaps for More Advance Learners of English as an Additional Language.

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Cross Phase
Early Years


EAL Equality and Diversity

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Start Date and Time Tuesday 4 June 1:15 pm
End Date and Time Tuesday 4 June 3:30 pm
Qamar Maqsood
Kirsty Holden
Location Online Event
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This course focuses on pupils with two or more years’ experience of UK schooling.  These are learners who have developed a surface fluency in spoken English, but whose attainment remains below their potential.
 The course covers:
• Identifying the continuing language learning needs of more advanced EAL pupils
• Explore speaking and listening strategies that allow more advanced learners to extend and practise their oral language using higher order vocabulary when speaking
• Reading and writing strategies to support the development of the higher level language skills needed for academic progress
• planning for language learning across the curriculum


Participants will be enabled to:
• assess the continuing language learning needs of more advanced EAL pupils
• analyse the language demands of a specific topic vocabulary, in order to promote the learning of more advanced EAL learners
• explore strategies for supporting reading and writing through talk that are specifically relevant to EAL learners.
• identify some of the specific challenges faced by EAL pupils in reading and writing, and their implications for whole class teaching
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