23/24 Online Safety 2023: Key updates including KCSIE statutory safeguarding guidance, Project Evolve and Internet Matters.

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Cross Phase
Early Years


ICT and Computing
Safeguarding and Child Protection

Event Details

Start Date and Time Tuesday 24 September 9:15 am
End Date and Time Tuesday 24 September 12:00 pm
Richard Smith
Location Online Event
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Subscriber Credit Cost 1.50
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This event will provide you with key updates to ensure that your school has the information required to keep students safe online.


This will include


A.     KCSIE 2023 filtering and monitoring (implications for schools)

B.     KCSIE 2023 clarification of terms and change of terminology

C.     Questions asked about Online Safety during OFSTED deep dives

D.    Updates to Project Evolve in terms of teaching resources

E.     The importance of coordinating Computing with PSHE

F.     How to use technology to encourage discussion linked to Online Safety

G.    Update to the 4 Cs of online safety


Target audience: DSLs, Computing coordinators, PSHE coordinators, Governors and senior leaders.


Schools will:

  • Have increased understanding of Online Safety policy and statutory guidance
  • Have increased access to current documentation
  • Have increased confidence in discussing matters linked to online safety

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