23/24 Level 3 Certificate for Forest School Leaders

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Start Date and Time Tuesday 9 April 9:30 am
End Date and Time Tuesday 9 April 5:00 pm
Location Preston Montford Field Centre
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Link to book - https://www.field-studies-council.org/courses-and-experiences/static-courses/forest-school-training-level-3/


This level 3 certificate for Forest School Leaders qualification enables learners to gain the skills and knowledge required to plan and lead Forest School programmes. Trainers provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to support individuals in Forest School programmes and outdoor learning. This course is suitable for those working with children in Early Years, Primary through to Secondary School aged children.

The practical element of the course is delivered in 9 face to face days. A large proportion of this will be delivered outdoors. After these 9 days you will be required to produce a portfolio of work. The course contains 5 units which cover a range of themes.


Unit 1 -The Woodland Environment.

Looks at the ecology and ecosystems of your site and woodlands, how to identify species there and why this is important and how to look after your site sustainably.


Unit 2 -Practical Skills

How to light fires safely with your group including safe siting, safe management and risk assessments. How to use a range of tools safely yourself and with the children you work with. How to make simple items from wood using tools. How to tie knots and use them at Forest School. How to build shelters and ensure this is done safely. How to cook on an open fire, considering food and hygiene.


Unit 3 -Learning and Development

Looks at the theories behind the practice, includes play, learning theories, holistic development, the importance of self-esteem, emotional intelligence and resilience. This unit also looks at reflective practice and what we have discovered and learnt delivering our forest school sessions.


Unit 4- Planning and Preparation

This unit prepares you for delivering your own forest school, whether it is an existing forest school, or you are starting from scratch. We will look at all the policies and procedures and risk assessments as well as your site. To ensure you are ready to start sessions safely.


Unit 5- Delivery

This is the ‘doing’ part. You will deliver your forest school sessions, observe and reflect on how it has gone and what impact your sessions have had.



Assessment Methods and Timescales

The course involves 9 days of face to face training. During these 9 days you will be given all of the information and skills to complete your portfolio of evidence. A selection of assessment criteria will be signed off as completed during this time.

Please note the qualification takes between 9-12 months to complete from the first day of training.

There are 3 hand in dates through the year when you will submit assignments. This is broken down to make this easier and so that you can receive ongoing support and feedback from our training team.

You will also book in a delivery assessment (when we come to your site) at a time that works for you within the first 9 months.

Requirements to undertake this qualification

Please note the minimum age for qualified Forest School Leaders is 21 (*This is a Department for Education Requirement).


You will need 2 years previous experience of working with children. And be confident in undertaking a level 3 qualification having gained level 2 qualifications in the past.


You will also need to hold a First aid qualification that includes outdoor elements of 16 hours or more, suitable for your client group to gain this qualification. This must be achieved by time all your portfolio of work and assessments is completed (Approx 10 months after the start of the course)

Participants must attend all 9 days

9th & 10th April 2024

16th & 17th April 2024

23rd & 24th April 2024

30th April, 1st and 2nd May 2024


This includes all tools and equipment, online resources, Folder and handout, all registration, assessment and certification fees.



Schools will:

  • Gain a level 3 certificate for Forest School Leaders.
  • Understand the Forest School ethos and its approach and be able to deliver this across the school environment
  • Have the confidence to deliver good quality outdoor education.
  • Be able to risk assess outdoor learning and Forest school sessions and take measures to ensure your practice is safe.

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