23/24 Post 16 Leaders Network

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Post 16

Event Details

Start Date and Time Monday 29 April 1:30 pm
End Date and Time Monday 29 April 4:00 pm
Geoff Renwick
Location University Centre Shrewsbury
Parking YesChargable

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PAYG Credit Cost 2.00
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We will look at the topical issues of the term but have:

November Meeting

  •           Welcome and introductions
  • Tracking students to avoid NEETs or Not Knowns: Data sharing agreements, what data do we need; how do we collect it and why? This will also consider the role of Career Leads and IAG staff.
  •        Building the network and sharing best practise and agree agenda items
  •            Visits to providers – update
  •            Items from providers
  • Changes / new items 


Schools / Colleges will:

  • Understand the data required for national collection and help to formulate how it is best collected
  • Understand how they can help to steer and influence the post 16 agenda items
  • Ensure that processes for data collection are completed in a safe and efficient manner
  • Receive and share relevant / topical updates
  • Re-establish post 16 networks

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