23/24 Promoting Cultural Diversity and Equality of Opportunity in EYFS (Delivery Partner: T&W Multicultural Development Team)

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Early Years


EAL Equality and Diversity
English as an Additional Language (EAL)

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Start Date and Time Tuesday 30 April 1:00 pm
End Date and Time Tuesday 30 April 3:00 pm
Qamar Maqsood
Kirsty Holden
Location Online Event
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This course will outline the statutory duties of practitioners to eliminate discrimination, promote equality of opportunity and foster good relations in EYFS. Ensuring the latest OFSTED criteria is met and examined in relation to individual settings. The course will provide: a)Key strategies to support language development through quality first teaching and learning in a culturally and linguistically supportive environment for all learners, especially EAL, in EYFS. b)practical suggestions for activities that introduce children to a diversity of cultures and to reflect the cultures of all children within the setting, opening children’s eyes to different cultures, ethnicities and faiths, focussed on the festivals throughout a year. c) recommendations on a range of useful resources and websites 


Delegates will: a) understand why the promotion of equality and diversity is essential in Early Years; b)understand the role of the setting in promoting equality of opportunity and fostering good relations under the 2010 Equality Act; c) develop approaches to exploring different cultures in Early Years that avoid stereotyping and tokenism and help children explore their own and others’ identities; d) be aware practical ways of ensuring that the learning environment reflects the cultural experiences of all children, including those from minority ethnic groups; e) develop the use and development of first language within the setting.
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