22/23 Meeting the OFSTED requirements and developing reading strategies for EAL learners at KS2 (Delivery Partner: T&W Multicultural Development Team)

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EAL Equality and Diversity

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Start Date and Time Thursday 16 February 3:45 pm
End Date and Time Thursday 16 February 6:00 pm
Qamar Maqsood
Kirsty Holden
Location Online Event
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Reading is a key focus and it is the area where EAL learners typically make slowest progress at KS2, and where the attainment gap is greatest.

This course will:

  • explore the potential barriers to successful reading for EAL learners
  • provide clear guidance on expectations of progress and identification of whole class / intervention strategies which can enable children to access reading and meet age appropriate expectations; these approaches are equally relevant to monolingual pupils who struggle with reading comprehension

To book a place, please email cpdschoolimprovement@telford.gov.uk and include course title, date and time. 

T&W will invoice schools direct, however, should you wish to use credits, please contact CPD@UCS administration on 01743 297168 and we will make the booking on your behalf (credit cost 2.5)


Delegates will explore:

  • the process of children's additional language development when they are in the early stages of developing English competency
  • barriers to becoming a successful reader
  • strategies to develop reading fluency
  • using reading to broaden and deepen vocabulary
  • effective differentiation for whole-class texts
  • group reading strategies that work well for EAL learners, with a focus on reciprocal reading
  • supporting EAL children's independent reading
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